Protibondhi Community Centre (PCC)
PCC takes pride to announce that being with the people in desperate needs over the last 25 years especially with people with disabilities, it celebrated a Silver Jubilee, for its 25th years anniversary on March 14, 2022. The organisation was established in 1996 by the Brothers of Taize, an ecumenical congregation of Christian community, under the special patronization and commitment of late Brother Frank Van het hof Taize and registered with both the Department of Social Services and NGO-Affairs Bureau of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1997 and 2008 respectively. Since its inception, it has been working relentlessly for socio-economic and cultural emancipations of the most vulnerable people especially people with disabilities in desperate needs of specialised attention and services.  PCC values humanity and works for holistic development and transformation of the most vulnerable populations with special focus on the crucial needs of the people with disabilities, gender(diverse gender-LGTBI), professions (sex workers and others engaged in risky professions), refugees and others in material, moral and spiritual needs by mobilising both internal and external resources, including those of private, institutions and government donors avenues and provisions.   Being fully non-profitable, non-political, social, developmental and humanitarian Christian value based organization, PCC is inspired by the ministry of Jesus Christ to serve the poor and destitute and defines its motto as, “ধর আমার হাত(Hold My Hand) which are translated into Garo as ‘Angni Jak.ko Rimbo’ and ‘’Houd Mijn Hand Vast’’ in Dutch languages in memories and honour of all the individuals especially Brother Frank Taize and Brother Guillaume Taize and all the individuals from Garo ethnic communities who contributed to making the journey of the organization effective, professional and efficient by transforming challenges encountered into changing dynamic forces over the 25 years of its collective journey. Holding hand of the people in both material and spiritual needs, especially the destitutes and people with disabilities is the clarion call of PCC which reached its heights through the generous supports of all the donors, well-wishers, board members and its staffs.      PCC conveys thanks and gratitudes to the donors, well-wishers and supporters for their unconditional and unwavering supports and prayers rendered over the years. It seeks to offer special thanks to Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Transform Aid International (TAI), Christian Reformed World Missions-USA, Association Operation Esperance/ Operation Hope, Stichting Physiotherapy Support Children International, Stitching Steiunfonds voor het werk van de broerders van Taize Bangladesh, CORDAID Netherlands, PhySCI; Netherlands, Resonate Global Mission (RGM), DRRA/Partnership-Liliane Fonds-Netherlands, Handicap International/Partnership, Centre for Disability in Development(CDD), CRP and Manusher Jonno Foundation as donors for their long term commitment, partnerships, funding and technical supports as to offering the speciliazed supports to the people with disabilities especially children with disabilities.       As a learning and growing organisation, it embraces right based and sectoral approaches to addressing issues that affect the lives and livelihood of the community people in need.The prioritised sectors as defined in the Country Strategic Plan (2021-2026) of  PCC are, Inclusive and Quality Education, Preventive and Curative Health Services including SRHR, Disaster Response, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Livelihood Promotion and Economic Empowerment, Protection and advocacy, WASH and Institutional Development. The working areas of the organization include Mymensingh, Tangail, Netrokona, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Sunamgonj and Bhola districts of the country. Considering the humanitarian needs of the Rohingya refugees(Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals) especially the children with disabilities, it has included Cox’s Bazar as one of the working areas and started working in partnership with other partners. 

     The on going projects of PCC are, Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities and Vulnerable no-Disabilities (ILPWDVD), Improving the Lives of Children with Disabilities through Community Participation (ILCDCP)-Pride Project, Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities (IECWD), Access to Basic Education for Marginalized Children in Mymensingh (ABEMCM), Promoting Education Rights of Minorities (PERM), Living Together in Peace (LTP), Inclusive Development Project, Let’s All United in Group with Hope (Laugh)-Project and Education Programme for the Visually Impaired Learners in Bangladesh apart from the yearly funded regular projects of Department of Social Services of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. As major impacts through implementing the projects successfully, it has been able to reach and transform the lives of more than 39,850 persons including those of 12,000 people with disabilities.


PCC as a learning and evolving organization by implementing more than 21 Projects so far funded by various donors, has become a beacon of the community light; expertise and experiences in the field of dedicated service for the people with disabilities especially children and other ethnic minority communities.      A fully democratic organization, PCC has an independent body of Executive Committee, General body and Advisory Committee. Apart from the committees, the organization has a group of thematic experts and a Senior Management Team (SMT) to lead all the aspects of management of the organization including accountability, donor compliance, government rules and regulations and policy compliances and promoting culture of diversities, multi-cultural, learning, growing and enabling environment.      PCC invites all people of good will; generous and supportive to join in the celebration of activities by getting involved in forms of donations or volunteering for bringing positive changes and unlocking potentials of the most vulnerable people; living at risk especially the children with disabilities. 


Vision: PCC envisions a self-reliant society where lives of people with disabilities and poor no-disabilities are transformed to live in peace and harmony enjoying mutual respect, human dignity, tolerance and fullness of life.

Mission : Working with the people with disabilities and poor no-disabilities promoting inclusive and integral human development through sustainable interventions, such as education, health, WASH, nutrition, livelihoods, protection, advocacy, disaster response, climate change adaptation and risk reduction.


Legal Status :  It has got registration with the Department of Social Services of Bangladesh Government with Reg. no: Ma-01100 and also NGO Affairs Bureau under Prime Minister Ministry of Bangladesh with Reg. no. 2349. 


Major Achievements: Sector Focused


1.        Health:

1.1 Specialised Therapeutic Services for 1238 People with disabilities

1.2 Mental Health and Psycho-Social Counselling for 70 Down Syndrome and Autistic Children:

1.3 Care Management and Activities of Daily Living for 230 CP children:

1.4 Operative treatment and assistive devices services for 1547 people with disabilities

1.5 General treatment and medicine supports for 677 people with disabilities



2. Education:

2.1 School Programmes for 1543 children living in most critical situations (in the streets, stations, slum areas etc. and Dalit/marginalized communities)

2.2 Provided Education materials for 1543

2.3 Stipend and financial support for the poor 278 students to continue their education

2.4 Teaching and Professional Growing Programmes for 120 university students

2.5 Collaborative Social and Field Work of 120 college/University students (post graduate and graduate levels):

2.6 Promoting Education for 3734 marginalized ethnic communities in Mymensingh



3.1 Included 834 community people including PWDs in livelihood activities providing IGA input supports and training

3.2 Assets transfer to 560 most vulnerable community households including People with Disabilities families



4.     Protection and Peace Building:

4.1 675 students and their family members are aware on Child protection

4.2 755 College students are included into peace building


5.Advocacy and Influence:

5.1 Advocacy Programme with 3734 marginalized community members and leaders

5.2  Awareness programmes for promotion of rights with 1523 for People with disabilities


6.Humanitarian Response:

6.1 Extended humanitarian support for 2093 hhs including people with disabilities


8.Social & Empowerment:

8.1 54 Self-Help Groups are well functioning

8.2 2 Disable People’s Organizations(DPOs) are registered with Government entities

8.3 78 Cultural Events for promotion of psychosocial development and socialization

8.4 Organized Sports program for 300 Children with Disabilities for promotion of inclusion, socialization and rights.


  1. Sustainable Development for People with Disabilities Project
  2. Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities and Vulnerable no-Disabilities (ILPWDVD) Project
  3. Improving the lives of children with disabilities through community participation (ILCDCP) Project
  4. Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities (IECWD) Project
  5. Access to Basic Education for Marginalized Children in Mymensingh (ABEMCM) Project
  6. Promoting Education rights of Minorities (PERM), Project
  7. Living Together in Peace (LTP) Project
  1. গ্রেনার মারাক ( নির্বাহী পরিচালক),পিসিসি
  2. রাজন বিন, প্রোগ্রাম কো-অর্ডিনেটর, পিসিসি
  3. অতুল রেমা, ফিস্যান্স এন্ড এডমিন ম্যানেজার-পিসিসি

Granar Marak

Executive Director,

PCC, Bangladesh

45, K.C Roy Road, Mymensingh-2200

Phone: 091 66779, Cell Phone: +8801714077519

Email: ,Website:

Granar Marak

Executive Director,

PCC, Bangladesh

45, K.C Roy Road, Mymensingh-2200

Phone: 091 66779, Cell Phone: +8801714077519

Email: ,Website:


Billal Haque Shikder, Information Officer

Protibondhi Community Centre (PCC)

45 K.C Roy Road, Mymensingh.

Email :-

Mobile :- +880 1711-188078


Tab Content

  1. Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities.
  2. Primary Educational 
  3. Stipend Support
  4. SHGs and DPO formation
  5. Capacity Building
  6. Income Generating Activities
  7. Awareness Raising 
  8. Advocacy and Linkage program
  9. Therapy and Referral Service
  10. Assistive Devices Support
  11. Networking with GO and NGOs 
  12. Skill Development Training