About us:

Our vision: People live in a society with dignity and justice

Our mission: Combat against poverty and injustice by providing different socio-economic and cultural services

Our goal: Sustainable Community development through achieving socio-economic changes, rights and adaptation with climate change issues

Our objectives:

  • Increase health Service and Health Seeking behavior for Common and Disables.
  • Striving for Socio Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable & Disadvantaged Groups.
  • Ensure access into quality education and health services and create friendly environment for the poor for better living with honor and dignity.
  • Create a gender-based social environment by reducing violence and ensuring access into justice.
  • Strengthen and ensure smooth operation of the core programs

Legal Status: Development of Educational Service for Human (DESH) is a non-government, non-profit, non-political, rights based voluntary development organization that was formally launched in 2003 and registered under Department of  Social Welfare, Societies Act and NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.

The statutory profile with registration numbers is given below:


Registration  Authority

Registration Number

Date of Registration


Directorate of Social welfare




NGO Affairs Bureau




Joint Stock (Societies Act)




Tax Identification Number (TIN)




VAT Registration Number




Management Structure of DESH: DESH is attaching high priority on management, accountability and transparency, operating according to the approved Constitution of the organization; it has four types of organizational structures viz.:

  1. General Committee,
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Advisory Committee
  4. General Administrator

 a) General Committee: The GC of DESH comprising a group of dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals from the society. The General Committee, consisting of 21 members organizes at least one general meeting annually. The General Committee approves the activities of the Executive Committee.

b) Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is elected by the members of the General Committee for 2 years and is comprised of 07 members. It is the supreme committee to frame policies and guidelines to run the organization. The Executive Director, appointed by the Executive Committee, acts as executor of decision made by the Executive Committee in accordance with the recognized rights and responsibilities of the designation. The Secretary is held responsible for implementation of decisions made by the EC.

c) Advisory Committee: Advisory committee comprised of 5 members will render advices relating to activities to be performed by the organization.

d) General Administration: The Executive Director is the head of the administration; He is responsible for overall administration of the organization. He is responsible to Chairman and Executive Committee through the secretary of the organization.

About us
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Our ProjectOur Project


Our Projects:

Special Education & Skill Development Training for Special Need  Children: through DESH School for Intellectually Disabled: A Total of seven (7) Schools for Special Education/ NFPE and SDT Centers at Netrakona, Sunamganj & Mymensingh Districts of Bangladesh. DESH Provide service since 2014 to till. Total Number of learners were 1773 (Autism, Intellectually disabled and others children) Supported by, PF, ICS & SW.

Non-formal Primary Education (NFPE) Project: DESH policy on education, taken in the year 2003, has helped the NGOs to expand their education program DESH.DESH has been implementing 20 NFPE & SDT Center in Dhaka, Mymensingh & Netrakona District of Bangladesh since 2003 to till. Funded by different donors like ics,Nddf,eecr.

Adolescent Development Project: DESH has operate 25 Adolescent Club at Sadar, Gouripur Trishal & Bhaluka upoazila of Mymensingh District. and Atpara & Purbadhala under Netrakona District of Bangladesh since 2012 to till. Financial & Technical Support by UNICEF through MOWCA. At present DESH has operate own fund.

Child Nutrition & Midterm meal Project: DESH has been implemented by Child Nutrition & Midterm meal project at Durgapur, Netrakona (start 2014 to till) & sadar, Mymensingh (start 2011 to till). Supported by Ministry of Health & family planning, National Disability Development Foundation and Ics.

Social forestry and Climate Change Project: DESH Has “Awareness raisings on Climate Change implemented the activities of Seminar, Rally leaflet & Poster distribution etc at mymensingh metropolitan areas. DESH has been Implemented Social forestry Program at Durgapur & Kalmakanda upazilas of Netrakona District. The project running July 2012 to till supported by PIO Durgapur, Forestry department.

Indigenous/Minority Development Project: DESH has been implementing various development programs at Madhupur, Haluaghat and Durgapur upazilas. The Indigenous/minority community development and their civil rights and to encourage them to advocate for greater recognition and to insist on stricter adherence to the rights codes by the authorities. since 2003 to till

Post Literacy & Continue Education for Human Development (PLCEHD-2) Project: DESH successfully implemented 53 Learning centers at Bhuapur & Madhupur upazillas of Tangail district under 3nd phase of Non-Formal Education project-2. Under this programme 4200 new literate (male 2100 & 2100 Female) got post literacy and continuing education (SDT). Funded by ADB through BNFE. Duratio of the project July 2012 –May 2014.

Enabling Environment for Child Rights (EECR) Project:Creating a culture of respect for children’s protection rights and enabling an environment by changing social norms through social protection services, strengthened capacity in government and civil society responses to protection issues and by establishment of protective mechanisms against abuse, exploitation and violence. DESH has implementing this project at Mymensingh & Netrakona Districts. At present the project component continue by DESH. Funded by MOWCA-Unicef. Project duration (July 2010- June 2014)

Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Project: DESH has been implemented 70 Ananda Schools at Trishal Upazila of Mymensingh District funded by World Bank through DPME for ROSC Project. Total Number of learners was 2450 School dropout Children (8-14 ages). The Duration of project (1st January 2006 –30th December 2010)

 IGA Training component for Poor Maternal Mother’s Stipend Program: DESH has been implementation skill training with Maternal mother’s all union of Dhobaura & Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh District funded by MOWCA. The activities of the program are Training on IGA, Awareness rising about Health & Hygiene, Training on Health & Nutrition, Group formation, training Mother & child care, provide stipend. Project duration (July 2015-June 2017)



List of Key Personnel:












Ranjan Das

Executive Director

Perform the responsibility of the Executive Chief


18 years



Dr. Ali Asgar Khan


Team leader of Agriculture & research activities


22 years



Dr. Nazma B. Ahmed


Team leader of the Education, Women Empower & Child Rights Program


27 years




Shah Kamal


Team leader  as the Chief of the Capacity building & Advocacy Program


28 years


Pintu Areng

Director Programme

Perform the responsibility as the Chief of the Program


 26 years



Chandan Kumar Banik

Director Operations

Perform the responsibility as the Chief of the Program  Operations


17 years



Keya Sultana

Director (reaches & Training)

Perform the responsibility as the Chief of the Training, M&E and research activities


24 yers


Md. Rafiqul Islam

Director (Admin & Finance)

Perform the responsibility as the Chief of HR, Admin & Finance


22 years


Humayan Kabir

Govt Relations & Funding Manager

Perform the responsibility as the Chief of Program Funding & liaison with Govt. Officials


15 years


Md. Anisur Rahaman

Admin & Finance  Manager

Perform the responsibility as the  Admin & Finance


16 years



Reaches & Training Manger

Perform the responsibility as the  Reaches & Training


12 years


Mir Humayan

Programme Manager

Perform the responsibility as the Program


15 years



Md. Abdul Hannan

Operations Manager

Perform the responsibility as the Program Operations


14 years



Regaul Karim

Accountability  Manager

Perform the responsibility as the Program Accountability


10 years



Md. Asaduzzaman

MEAL Manager

Perform the responsibility as the MEAL


17 years



NFPEAutism CareCP CareChild Rights














Contact Person: Ranjan Das, Executive Director, Development of Educational Service for Human (DESH), Head Office: 149/7 (1st floor) Kalibari Road, Patgudam, Mymensingh-2200, Bangladesh. Phone: 09163684, Cell: 01711079873, Email: desh_06r@yahoo.com, deshmymensingh@gmail.com, Website: deshbd.org, Facebook: desh ngo, Twitter: @orgdesh, Instagram: desh.bd, Linkedin: deshbd