World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ’s compassion and live together in hope as God’s community.


Change the story: Completed by God’s deep passion for mercy and justice, World Renew joins communities around the world to change their story from poverty to restoring creation, from injustice to reconciling relationships (shalom) and from disaster to renewing hope.



1.      Enhance the capacity of the community for social leadership of the capacity of the community for social leadership of the male and female

2.      To Develop the socioeconomic condition through empowering the community people

3.      To improve the health & nutrition of pregnant mother and lactating mother & newborns though wash program.

4.      Provide the proper guidelines to the teenagers of the society and make them aware about their rights and trained them to be self-dependent

5.      Make the people aware about the adverse effect of impact or the natural & climate changes.

6.      Built community volunteers to respond during earth quack, fire break down and disaster period.


World Renew has defined a series of values by which we intended to do our work and want to be held accountable for: In essence, World Renew’s tagline that focuses on Mica 6:8 captures the overriding values and motivations for our work: “Doing justice, loving mercy and serving Christ” in all we do. This is demonstrated by these more specific values:

Ø  Faith: We seek to understand God’s will in all we do. We encourage a worldview of faith and trust in God who can give a hope-filled energy for each person to fulfill His purpose.

Ø  Effectiveness: We are innovative, resourceful and continual learners with partners and communities to ensure timely, appropriate, proactive and excellent interventions.

Ø  People Flourishing: We treat each person equally as an image-bearer of God, including them as partners in decisions and plans that affect them and in pursuit of the fullness of life that God has promised and intended. 

Ø  Stewardship: We are grateful recipients of God’s gift to us. We steward these gifts with integrity, accountability and system of reporting that honor both the intent of the donors and flourishing of people in community.


•      Integrated Approach: Inclusion of adult & female, male, adolescent boy & girls and under two aged children from various communities with different religious, economic, ethnic and vulnerability backgrounds in order to be able to address multi-sector community needs at the same time.

•      Institutionalization for establishing People’s Institution model: Community Capacity building through establishing People’s Institution as development agent in the community. In the urban context, promotion of two-tire of leadership system and in rural context three-tire leadership system. 

•      Value based Leadership Building: Promotes value based and gender-based leadership bodies both at group and Peoples’ Institution level. Each level is led by an executive body as well as by component based sub-committees. The sub-committees address the issue-based needs and provide necessary motivation and training to the community, especially in the areas of literacy, income generation, health and justice issues. The trained leaders are expected to model the value-based leadership in the community.

•      Children and Youth represented Community leadership Structure:  Establishment of children and youth represented Peoples Institution to promote and ensure Child Rights.

•      Create Saving based capital: World Renew encourage and promote community to create saving based capital. World Renew encourage self help group and Peoples Institution to create capital through saving with their own decision; and increase capital invest in different IGA activities. Providing technical knowledge to the group members so that they can manage their capital properly in financial development and strong financial institution. By this way community people can use their capital in need and financial development through job creation themselves.

•      Participatory Planning and Monitoring Process: The participatory planning process encourages community to plan “from within” which, in turn, nurtures shared leadership and drives them to do the overall organizational planning. From the very beginning, community people enjoy the opportunity to plan their own activities and participate throughout the process. In the same way, practicing participatory monitoring CCI (Community Capacity Indicator) and PICMC (People’s Institution Capacity Monitoring Chart) tools. Beside this, the participatory six-monthly group financial audit helps community members to get a clear picture of the financial situation of the groups and individuals and assists them to make plans for the next six months or year.

•      Use of local resources: World Renew make ensure and linkage the SHG and PI to build network and utilize the local resources of GO-NGOs, especially Bank, School, Health facilities, different organizations, City Corporations, Police Station and other likeminded organization for taping resources.  

•      Transformational Development: Facilitates the establishment of Peoples Institutions to act as a Transforming Change Agent in the community by initiating and continuing development efforts

•      Community graduation strategy: Opportunities are created, groups and Peoples Institutions are facilitated to act as the change agents so that the wider community take up responsibility of their own development from their own worldview point. It facilitates primary groups and Peoples Institutions to achieve capacities to became a self-sustaining and self-functioning body within three to five years following a phase over strategy.

Name Director/CEO

Ms. Kohima Daring

Country Director

World Renew – Bangladesh


Organizational address

World Renew, House # 468, Lane # 8, DOHS, Baridhara, Dhaka. Phone # +88028419171, Fax # +88028415076. Website:

Phone fax

8419171, +88-02-8415076

The Name of Districts

Dhaka, Gazipur, Netrokona, Mymensingh and Cox bazar